SEO is a goldmine to get more traffic and sale…but investors have their worries, which is natural. The following article will explain potential worries as to why businesses sometimes do not invest in SEO.

1. Saturation

In the age of computer science, almost everyone is making new websites. The competition has got tougher and it is difficult to earn. Due to such reasons, businesses are sometimes hesitant to invest in SEO. They think that it will be days, sometimes months, before they can substantially get more customers.

2. Penalty

The dangerous word “penalty” is commonly used in the SEO realm. Normally, websites earn their cash through advertisement programs, but imagine if your advertisement program is put on hold. You would get loss, right? Or worse, Google decides to stop showing your website in its search results. You will lose business.

With the latest updates, such as Panda and Penguin, Google penalties are striking the heart of SEO novices. Nowadays, the mindset is transforming into a fear of one single mistake leading towards permanent ad blockage or lower ranking on Google

What most people don’t know is that you can easily avoid Google penalties by publishing original work. If you are sincerely putting your effort in your work, it cannot go wrong.

3. Ignorance

Sadly, there are still people in our society who treat SEO like voodoo magic. Back in the 90’s, some companies were afraid of informing their clients that they use SEO to facilitate their search rankings. They were afraid because they thought the clients would develop a feeling of distrust towards them.

Moving swiftly towards to today, the world is changing but there still exists some ignorance.

4. Lengthiness

SEO consists of multiple methods which can boost the ranking of your website. However, these methods are lengthy in nature.

There are two types of businesses. Some, who want to get customers as soon as possible and some who want to plant a seed and wait till ripe fruit comes and then, get a huge following and profit.

SEO is especially beneficial for those who can wait. Due to time consuming in nature, many businesses are afraid of investing money in it fearing that they won’t get the desired ROI on ASAP scheme.

Rest assured that the journey of SEO is easy and you can always take the top spot, if you are consistent enough.

5. Quite Technical

SEO is a world of its own. By giving a little attention to detailing, you can vastly improve the ranking of your website.

Most SEO newcomers are afraid of SEO technicality. According to them, SEO is vague in nature and it is difficult to target specific audience.

Arguably, targeting a specific audience is surely a hard skill, but once acquired, your website or business can turn into gold.

With higher rankings, your website will receive more web traffic which will help you in getting more sales.


Don’t be discouraged by the negativity. Nothing is easy and there is always room at the top. With dedication and hard work, you can easily achieve your goals.


Randy Blakeslee

I have a deep passion for working with Business owners and companies that want to grow. Let us help you get seen Online Today with GetnSocial SEO Dashboard. Thank you!! Please share your comments and our blogs.


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