The Importance of Learning Code as a Second Language

The Importance of Learning Code as a Second Language


The benefits of learning a second language are vast. Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than those that know just one language. These differences offer a multitude of benefits including memory, multitasking skills, even your knowledge of English. This shared thought has been around for decades. More recently people have begun to entertain this idea with coding as well.

Coding is so important in today’s day and age. As Randy Redberg, a father of two and a managing member of the online tech community, put it, “I don’t want my kids to outsource their future in the digital age”. According to a recent Glassdoor report, a  job search platform, more than a third of the highest paying jobs in the U.S. right now require some form of programming expertise.

With programs from codecademy, you can learn basic to advanced CSS and HTML for free. Introducing coding as a part of the school curriculum is the next step. States like Texas, Kentucky, and New Mexico have actually gone as far as introducing legislation allowing a computer course to serve as a foreign-language requirement in 2015. As Tim Cook so famously said, “Learning how to code is more important than learning English as a second language”.

Coding is currently one of the fastest growing occupations, and it is getting more popular day by day. If we look at the direction that technology is headed in, it is logical to consider how this bright future will affect children. Developing a coding literacy may mean a lot to them now and even more so when they grow up.

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How To Improve WordPress Site To Generate More Leads

How To Improve WordPress Site To Generate More Leads

Are you part of one of those businesses who have an available website but they lack the conversion of casual visitors into permanent clients.

Look no further…

The following article is designed to help you accelerate your conversion process:

  1. Mobile Optimization

Fast forward into 2018, almost all the newly formed websites are mobile optimized. This is because smartphones and tablets have gotten cheaper and almost everyone uses them for casual web surfing.

If the layout of your website is optimized for mobile, a person will appreciate the coding abilities of the developer and naturally, spend more time on your website.

  1. Is Your Content Heart Touching?

A lot of newly started websites take inspiration of content from famous websites. This is good but copying their content, as it as is very wrong.

Not only search engine algorithms rank your website in lower ranks but also, your audience feel that you are not original. Why should we read your content?

When it comes to content, it should be heart touching and easy to read. Don’t go for over complicated words. Talk logic with sound reasons and people will come to your website.

  1. Social Media Presence

No matter what business you run, you should have a social media presence about it. Top social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram attract multi million active monthly users, from around the world.

If you interact with your fans, post pictures and videos about the greatness of your product. People will feel that you are serious about your business.

  1. Is Your Website Fast?

A good website loads in two seconds – anything more than that (particularly longer) then you are bound to lose visitors. The responsiveness greatly increases your conversion chances.

A person feels good when he/she spends time on a fast and responsive website. A good example is of Facebook and Twitter. Both of these websites are highly optimized and you

  1. Taking Help from Tools

There are tools such as ‘Woopra’ and ‘Google analytics’ which provide you with useful data about your website. With the data obtained, you can know about the following questions:

  • What is the average time of the day when people mostly visit your website?
  • Which countries are mostly interested in your website?
  • Which age group is spending time on particular web pages?
  • Which gender group is following your web pages for a specific duration of time?

With all the data coming your way, you can devise a marketing strategy which will bring more business for your products.

  1. Deals and Discounts

People love it when you give them something cheaper – how about combinational marketing? You can sell multiple products for a discounted price.

In this way, a person is facilitated to shop once whereas you get multiple revenue from a single client visit.

NOTE: It is important to refresh your deals and discounts, every once in a while, to keep your consumers interested in your product.

11 Free User Polling & Voting Plugins for WordPress

11 Free User Polling & Voting Plugins for WordPress

It is very essential to gather user feedback online. You may gather feedback through emails, quizzes or polls with Q&A embedded in your website. Below are some of the free and best plugins for voting and polling for WordPress:

  1. Democracy PollIt’s a great plugin and it is updated often with new security fixes and features based on the newest release of WordPress. Through this, you give visitors more to work with and they could add their answers to poll questions, choose from the different answers, and see their answers. Moreover, the features are very customizable so you could edit them in any way you like.

  2. WP-PollsIt is simple to customize as well as blends into any theme on WordPress with just several clicks. You may also edit CSS on your own for you to get polls.

  3. Pinpoll If you want to make engaging polls for every device, Pinpoll is for you as it comes with detailed themes to match your WordPress. You may setup polls to run on the whole page or run in sections of particular page.

  4. Totalsoft’s Poll It’s a completely featured voting WordPress plugin with lots of options for the inputs of users. You may design custom polls including simple voting methods, Q&A, quizzes, and charts.

  5. Polls by Opinion StageIt’s a simple plugin designed for WordPress polling. With this, you may design all kinds of content variations from the trivia quizzes to much general survey.

  6. Quiz and Survey Master As its name suggests, it enables you to do custom surveys and quizzes for WordPress website. You may find some live demos of sample survey and sample quiz, both following same styles on a same theme.

  7. Popup Surveys It’s a plugin made by MARE with an intent to gather user feedback in style of surveys. It does run through the system yet it has free account that you may use for life.

  8. YOP PollYou will find beautiful set up on the 2 sides, which include the admin dashboard and the frontend. A lot of plugin creators forget designing a usable backend. They assume every WordPress user just know the ways to work with plugins, yet YOP Poll actually puts the experience first of the webmaster.

  9. POWr Survey – You can quickly setup dynamic Q&A, which blend to your website naturally. However, you’ll be limited on submissions you could take per month, but once you stick with free account online. If you enjoy cloud storage solution, it’s well worth trying.

  10. POWr PollIt uses cloud storage to handle polling, meaning you will reduce the page’s total size and pull the content from the external servers. It is not something that works for everybody and others might want to control over the data. The only issue is the size limitations on the polls.

  11. WordPress Survey and Poll – It’s a free plugin that is easy to setup when you learn backend UI and this comes with a good window feature that will allow you to embed polls into the page dynamically.
5 Best Free User-Polling Plugins For WordPress

5 Best Free User-Polling Plugins For WordPress

Voting is a form of feedback. In almost all types of websites, the facility of a feedback option is very important. This is because you have made something. How will you know about its caliber?

Unless there is a proper system, through which people can express themselves, you can never be sure about pros and cons.

Following are the top user-polling plugins for WordPress. The best part is that all of these are free.

1. Democracy Poll

A very popular plugin among WordPress users – Democracy Poll gives you the option to integrate polling options, anywhere on your website.

The coolest thing about this plugin is that it facilitates the users to add their own options. The plugin is customizable and you can even edit the code yourself, towards your liking.

Users would be required to sign up. They can add their answers and vote. Admin (of the website) can even see their answers. To access features and to change the layout of panel, admin can utilize the control panel, which controls the backend development of the plugin.

2. Quiz and Survey Master

The plugin has been around for years but recently, it got much fame after it was rebranded with an update. Like the working of Google Docs, ‘Quiz and Survey Master’ pretty much does all your work. Easy options allow a user to create surveys with multiple answers. There are lots of sample quizzes and sample surveys available via plugin which can give you an idea of your design.

Quiz and Survey Master can change the layout, add options and even radio buttons – all possible through the control panel. It also reduces spam by facilitating CAPTCHA support to user.

In the end, you can email the results of your quizzes and store them in your database.

3. POWr Poll

POWr poll uses cloud servers to handle your polling data. Using POWr poll, your page size gets reduced and most of content is pulled from everyone.

These types of plugins are not for everyone, considering people want control over their data. But, other than that, they are highly beneficial because size of your database gets lowered.

Using the free version, you are limited to 100 submissions per month.

NOTE: Just like POWr poll, POWr survey plugin is available. Again, limited submissions and cloud server technology, which has its pros and cons.

4. Popup Surveys

This plugin takes feedback from users in the form of surveys. It is a freemium plugin. Luckily, you can utilize a free account but it has limited options.

To avail more options of design and accessibility, you can buy the plugin.

5. WP Polls

Arguably as the most used polling plugin for WordPress – It is easy to customize and its highly scalable meaning you can blend it into any WordPress theme.

It is also one of the most updated WordPress themes. With few clicks, you edit the CSS and make appropriate changings to the layout.

To learn more about WP polls, visit GitHub repo and find out the best polling options for your website.

5 Pieces of AI Software for Your WordPress Site

5 Pieces of AI Software for Your WordPress Site

More and more experts are now backing up the claims on the benefits of AI or artificial intelligence for their specific industries. But, did you know that aside from big businesses, even those who are running WordPress sites can now take advantage of AI? When you do so, you can establish audiences, offer intelligent pricing, interact with site visitors, and offer better malware and virus protection.

Below are the five AI software programs you can use for your WordPress website:

Watson Conversation

Watson Conversation is among the various AI services of IBM which allows users to incorporate AI technology into WordPress sites. This specific plugin allows even non-techie people to create and deploy a chatbot. Chatbots could be made to assist users in site navigation, suggest relevant pages or posts of interest, offer live 24/7 support for queries, and recommend certain items to users in a friendly way according to their online browsing behavior.


Wordlift makes use of natural language processing for optimizing the content of your website in various clever ways. This will first organize your content then markup the copy to increase its rank on search results. This will also provide readers with data and facts in a more meaningful context. If these are not enough to make you interested, Wordlift also has the ability of making your content more beautiful through offering effective data visualization, links, and images which absorb readers not just with text.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner can protect and scan your WordPress website and offer details on Trojans, malware, viruses, backdoors, shells, worms, and many other types of threats. The plugin will also alert you when Google or other authorities blacklists your site, which gives you the ability to conduct remedial action right away.

What makes this AI tech piece clever is that this can learn from identified threats and look for code evolutions, not only threats programmers were able identify, as well as written software that must be found and defended against.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration is among the most intelligent plugins when it comes to geo-targeting and pricing which combines WooCommerce and Darwin Pricing plugins. It works by analyzing real time market examinations with the use of optimized techniques which allows users to run their location targeting campaigns using smart prices. These geo-targeted and optimized promotions ensure that the pricing will be competitive in every city where your service or product is available.


MyCurator is another piece of AI software which lets you train the program for finding and delivering usable, optimized, and interesting content for the WordPress website. The plugin can work round the clock in the background to allow bloggers in locating articles which could be customized for the audience and does it fast.

Once the plugin learns, this can separate the irrelevant details presented in RSS notifications or Google alerts from the interesting and usable content. This easy to use voting system utilizes dislike and like buttons to assist MyCurator in learning quickly what belongs to your interest sphere. This plugin can set up your content automatically as well as browse online on your behalf while you are away.