Creative Trends for 2019

Creative Trends for 2019

With a new year, comes new trends. Shutterstock is one of the most widely used content sites on the web. This research is based on billions of image, video, music searches, and downloads from Shutterstock customers and has been analyzed for design forecast. Their trend data is likely one of the best indicators you’ll get as to where things are headed. Creative trends that transcend the digital world. We’ll see these creative trends influence fashion, social media, graphic design, film, policy and more. 


Shutterstock, the stock photography company that lets creatives browse royalty free photos, vectors, illustrations, and more. From its research, Shutterstock predicts that the aesthetics of yesteryear are set to make a comeback. Some of these trends you may have already picked up on.

 An ’80s look of decadence and overindulgence is in, while cute kawaii illustrations and tempting typography are also due to hit the big time. It’s not all nostalgia and retro fonts though, as trends like Beyond Plastic highlight urgent environmental issues.

Each of the trends are backed up with some solid search stats, so you know that these are the terms that people crave. However, three creative trends for 2019 stood ahead of the pack…

01. Yesterday’s tomorrow

What’s old is new again. This trend is an optimistic redux of early-tech – a focus on what yesterday’s tomorrow looked like. It’s all about the looks and sounds that defined futurism at the dawn of the digital age, like purple, blue, and pink duotone gradients, basic vector graphics, and dreamy synth music.

02. Zine culture

In the digital age, zine culture lives on in the decentralized mindset of social media, where independent makers can share and niche groups can discover. Built on principles of collage and largely influenced by the invention of the photocopier, it’s paper cutouts, noise and grain textures, and rough-edged layers that define this trend.

03. ’80s opulence

The ‘80s is back and it’s ready to party with gold chains, animal prints, and attitude. We say forget good taste, this is about good times. Clashing is the keyword for this trend. Think leopard print and snakeskin, peacock feathers and gold chain belts, soft fur and hard metal textures.

04. Authenticly Diverse

Media trends in film and social media indicate that creatives are using more content that accurately depicts the people around us and the world we live in. As digital media makes the world a smaller place, our creative community is searching for video, audio, and images representative of cultures from varying communities around the world.

The search for minority groups across the board have gone up:

Islamic +185%



Asain +46%


Check out the article in its entirety to see the incredibly well designed and informative, infographic here.

Top 4 WordPress Trends That You May See In 2018

Top 4 WordPress Trends That You May See In 2018

Web Developers need to know where the world is headed towards in terms of website design; otherwise, they will not survive as service providers in this extremely competitive field.

For that, it is important for you to know the trends of WordPress which have been on the rise throughout 2017, and will possibly be seen a lot more in 2018. Knowing these trends inside out can give you quite the upper hand in being a famous website developer which parties refer to in all cases, especially those who are looking to design a website entirely from the start.

In no particular order, the following trends are expected to be on the rise in 2018:

1. Search Engine Notifications

Your default browser is soon about to turn into your personalized news provider as well thanks to these push notifications which integrate themselves with the search engines as soon as they are visited. While the idea of such notifications which will pop up in your laptop screen’s corner or your smartphone notification center is quite appealing, it can become a nuisance if the site you visited was just a one-time thing.

In fact, these notifications have been regarded as nothing but trouble by most of the customers, and yet they are taking the high road. Developers will have to see how to integrate them willingly so that visitors capitalize on it to its maximum.

2. Mobile-Friendly Outlook

When we use desktop-based websites on our phones we are often taken aback by the poor display that they have when compared to the real display on the laptop screen. That is about to change however because developers have realized the sheer magnitude of people who are online using their phones almost all day and will do most of their non-documentation work on it.

This is why WordPress developers are now trying to bring out a mobile outlook for their new websites first so that all these phone users can be easily accommodated.

3. Animations Over Still Imagery

If you visit a recent website there is almost no chance that you will find any part of the website where you will find everything still, and that is exactly what is being carried into 2018. Animations which spring to life using the cursor or the touch are becoming more and more frequent, and now websites are even deploying personalized assistants who act as your attractive guide around the website.

With animations, the creativity knows no bounds, and that is exactly how most new websites will turn out to be.

4. Abstract Images

These days a regular website with a look which consists of a list of items which you can go to is not appreciated as much as a website with different tiles showing different items scattered around the screen. This may sound absurd because the disorder is not usually liked, but in the case of web design, such ideas are taking more and more of the market by storm.

So if you plan on joining the E-commerce race and opening up your own supply shop, contact a designer who can make you a site with a funky look which still remains easy for the user to understand.

The Biggest Trends & Changes in PPC So Far In 2017 

The Biggest Trends & Changes in PPC So Far In 2017 

In year 2016, the mobile drove nearly six billion dollars increase in search spends as well as surpassed the desktop for the first time. Since mobile is a given and there’s no need to wonder if this the year for it, there are some big launches, news, and trends that people have seen from Google Adwords in 2017 and it stars with machine learning.

Machine Learning

  • AdWords 2017 roadmap is actually loaded with AI or artificial intelligence after Google Marketing Next, machine learning is maximizing about each innovation in the search marketing. The perfect example is the smart display campaigns announcement of Google. Such campaigns depend on machine learning in automating about each campaign’s facet.
  • A big development that comes with machine learning at its head came in the middle of the month of March. Google has declared it was expanding close variants’ meaning in exact match and could ignore the word order soon and ignore or add function words in the same match keywords.

Conversion Attribution and Tracking

  • Google can now report and track on the store visits from the YouTube campaigns.
  • There’s big news in online to the offline conversion tracking with the in-store sales measurement program in Google. The retailers may upload their loyalty card or some customer email lists into the AdWords.
  • Google added maximize conversions as well to its collection of automated bidding strategies. If you are importing offline conversions into the AdWords on a regular basis, you may schedule such imports today.
  • 2017’s first half saw the final sun-setting of the AdWords Converted Clicks as well as Google Attribution’s introduction, the largest product release that was announced at Google Marketing Next. The search marketers had access to several attribution data in the Analytics and AdWords, yet the Attribution pulls in many multi-channel conversion data.


  • The ads in Bing enabled the ability in excluding lists in targeting the campaigns in the month of February and have started testing the custom and in-market audiences.
  • Similar audiences and in-market audiences for Shopping and Search both rolled out in the AdWords in 2017’s first half.
  • The audience targeting continued to be a primary theme this year.


  • Google Shopping is actually at the heart of the record fine charged against Google in EU for the antitrust violations.
  • The ads for shopping are starting to show on Display Network. Google began the pilot known as Retail Shopping on the Display on the home and fashion design retail sites.
  • The ads on Bing added search query reports and inventory feeds at the product level. This rolled out later in the campaigns for Merchant Promotions, enabling the merchants to focus on the special offers in the product ads.

Changes in User Interface

  • Ads on Bing rolled out the expanded device targeting that provides the advertisers the ability in setting up campaigns for mobiles only.
  • Another million advertisers got access on Adwords Next.