Want To Be An SEO Pro? Take Help From These Resources

Want To Be An SEO Pro? Take Help From These Resources

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization.’ It is consisting of a set of different strategies through which you can get your website ranked higher on search engines.

SEO is a tedious (and continuous) task but not impossible. Take the help of following resources to help you get ahead of your competition

Crawling of Google

Google is a search engine. It takes help from millions of bots which crawl over the ‘world wide web’ and provide it with appropriate search results.

To know more about the working of Google, we suggest you read about the crawling process of Google. Understanding the crawling process would help you organize your ways into better SEO for your website.

Working of Google:

Google utilizes an algorithm, known as “PageRank” to rank websites in its search engine results. The older domain name you have and the more trusted backlinks are available on your website, the better chances of your website performing under the limelight of PageRank.

Google Webmaster Tools

While internet is filled with hundreds of webpages, giving sound advices on improving SEO, what better way could there be to know more about SEO via Google Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools’ acts a marketing specialist to help you analyze your website. Also known as ‘Google Search Console’, it allows indexing and optimize the visibility of your website. The coolest thing about this utility is that it is absolutely free.

Broken Link Finder

Having broken links in your website lowers its ranking. Try using ‘Broken link finder’ to know about the state of links, published on your website.

The utility also helps you identify the stale references inside your HTML code.

Google Analytics

One of the most important SEO tools, arguably in the eyes of every SEO expert. Google Analytics helps you measure your ‘return on investment’ and tracks your applications and flash videos on your website. The free tool will inform you about the reaction of people when they visit your website.

Utilizing smart data, you’ll come to know about your visitors from their respective countries. This will help you formulate your next business move.

Google Analytics is “freemium” in nature. This means it is originally free but some features are premium, which ought to be bought to ensure a full experience.

Google Trends

A utility developed by Google, it displays the trendy searches from all over the world. Search engines are known to decrease the rankings of websites featuring obsolete content. To have fresh content, you need to know what the world is looking for.

Google Trends help you get connected with the searches of the target market and help you decide the topics you need to have your website based on. It is one of the tools, every website owner should know about.

Moz Community

Moz is a software company which provides marketing analytics of software world. The company houses ‘Moz community’ which features Q&A, webinars and articles about taking the top spots of search engine results. Join the community to stay in touch with the latest innovations of search engine optimization.

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5 Best Free Tools for Your Small Business

5 Best Free Tools for Your Small Business

On the internet we are able to see multiple sources of online gadgets that could more than help you in anything you propose in life, especially if you are planning on starting and running a business or enterprise. Here we show you the five tools we think are going to help your business be successful.

Google Analytics

Here we have a regularly unknown feature by the most important Internet browser nowadays. Aside from the known basic function that created the expression “google it”, Google- the noun- has tons of tools meant to improve your small business. This one, Google Analytics, can measure and research the visits your website has, which can lead you to a better decision making regarding your webpage presentation and advertising. You are able to see your page´s views and many more awesome features in Google Analytics. Here in Create´s guide you can find more information

Buffer for Social Stuff

Social media management can make your mind fall apart, that´s why we recommend Buffer, an app that allows you to join all your social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instragram, all in a single platform. You can administer, manage and control your posts from each account as you see fit, and all in one place.

Its analytic section is similar to Google´s, but is segmented in each post so you can see what made it so attractive or trendy and use it on future posts. Buffer can provide you an interaction measure so you can comprehend all the data you can have in each single post, from the suitable time to post if from its very content.

If you want to know more, we strongly suggest you to check out the Buffer blog, which will have the information that could help your business strive for greatness in the social media world.

Canva is here and it´s free

The graphics can be a difficult part to make your business stand out, you need to have a powerful visual effect to hook your viewers up, and that´s what Canva can provide you. With a few tutorials, you might even be able to handle this part yourself, without any graphic designer.

Canva´s search function is known for being quite effective within its big gallery of images it has. You only need to log in and it will automatically save your work as you work. The best thing is that the regular package is free, but if you desire, you can gain all access by paying a fee that is below £10 per month

Have some inspiration with Unsplash

This one´s the best tool regarding stock images: you can find the stunning pictures you were looking for, even with the specific details you needed. You can even create your own picture stockpile and organize it as you please. It is known that a picture says more than a thousand words, so let Unsplash help you give you that message that can boost your business´ reputation sky-high.


Finally, there’s no small business on the planet that couldn’t benefit from having a scroll through Score. Packed with nuggets of information on everything from niche marketing to balance sheet templates, Score champions small businesses by providing you with everything you need to know to make an impact, free of charge.