A Quick Guide on How to Initiate Your Website

A Quick Guide on How to Initiate Your Website

A major task on a business’s checklist is creating and launching the official website. If you are new to the process, it can be daunting but with this checklist, you can keep everything organized and ready before going live.

Checking Website Function

Quality assurance is always a vital step to ensure that all the data being collected and analyzed does not have any issues. This includes forms submitting data accurately and interactive features, such as drop-down menus or options and images that have hover effects applied to them, are performing up to standards.


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Reviewing Content

This should be at the top of your list, and not at all be done last minute. All sections should be checked and rechecked. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and readability should be the first priority, as users will judge the business based on this. Descriptive content is appreciated by search engines and those viewing the website. So get your writing gloves on and produce the best quality content for your site!

Viewing the Website from all Browsers

Users can access sites through many different kinds of devices, which can range from an old phone to a newly updated laptop. Different phone and tablet screen sizes also need to be taken into account when previewing your website. All browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox etc. need to be checked to see if all designs and visuals are consistent.

Source: http://www.aqusatechnologies.com

Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring an enhanced presence on search engines is essential when launching a site. You can either hire a professional SEO team to take care of that section for you, or even make simple adjustments to optimize search engine presence, which really makes a huge difference. The key is to have at least five to ten keywords on every page, and your line of work and the audience you are targeting can determine those keywords.


The software used to create the website, alongside any modules or plugins that are used, should be updated to their latest version. Checking if SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are updated and not omitting any crucial information is also essential in order to secure your website against data breaches.

Checking Speed

Search engines such as Google, rank websites according to the speed of the website. Thus, it is important to check whether your website loads slowly, and what might be causing the slowness. Tools such as PageSpeed Insights that Google runs, Pingdom and many more online services can help you enhance speed.

Support Staff

Before going live with your website, it is important to ensure that support staff is available through phone, email and live chat, in case of any queries or suggestions by users.

Tracking Performance

It is important that your design and development team have put in codes that help in tracking and analyzing site statistics, gathering data on how well the sit is performing and whether it is being marketed properly to gather the right audience to visit your page.


Source: www.socialana.com

If you have followed this general checklist of important things to make sure of everything before launching your site, you will be worry free and successful! Good luck!


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What Is SSL Encryption And How You Can Build Customer Trust With It?

What Is SSL Encryption And How You Can Build Customer Trust With It?

What Is SSL Encryption

SSL encryption or Secure Socket Layer is the security your website needs to ensure the safety of your website. It helps in providing the security features for your website which enables you to send or work with your transactions etc. using your personal information without fearing for any mishap i.e. your personal information remains intact and you can freely do your work without worrying about any sort of compromise.

Why Use SSL Encryption

The internet is a place of wonders, and you can achieve anything when you have access to the internet or web however it is also a very dark place which can bring you to shambles within a few minutes. While browsing one always loses track and visits so many sites among which a few aren’t that safe i.e. they can compromise your information or compel you into other stuff or sometimes dupe you.

To avoid such troubles, you must visit websites which are safe and secure. But how would you know? Well, all those sites will be encrypted with SSL. You can recognize it by the following traits:

  • There might be a green lock at the end of the website markings in the search bar.

  • It will start with https:// than http://.

The encryption details and methods vary from site to site but these two are the major identifications of a secured sites.

How It Builds Customers’ Trust?

1. Security

You are already aware of the dangers of the internet, a secured site will enable the customer to freely access your website, place their orders or simply visit without worrying about suffering any consequences. Most websites require your personal information and in case of the shopping sites, they require your credit card information as well. Hence when people are sure that these sites are safe or encrypted they will visit it more and will recommend it to others as well.

2. No Compromised Information

Giving away your information is a risk in general and it becomes more of a risk when you’re doing It on the web because there is a 100% chance that somebody is eavesdropping on your conversation. To avoid such dealings and have a proper guarantee of the confidentiality of your information, the sites use encryption. This way you can relax while giving out your credit card numbers or addresses etc.

3. No Virus

Encrypted sites don’t harm your devices in any way. Some sites upon opening start advertising campaigns etc. which in some cases slows down your devices by attracting some sort of virus. When a site is safe, your clients will be sure that no harm will come their way hence they will visit freely.

Final Verdict

Hence to conclude our entire study, SSL encryption is very important for basic websites because of the security it provides to you and your clients. It does not harm you in any way rather it protects you from all the troubles of the internet such as hacking etc. so make use of it in your online ventures and enjoy a lifetime of satisfaction!