Tailoring your Social Marketing for the Holiday Season

Tailoring your Social Marketing for the Holiday Season

Calling all digit marketers, social media managers and advertising strategists. The Holiday season is in full swing- and a recent Adroll study showed 40% of U.S. consumers begin holiday shopping in October—yet the average social cost per click is 12% lower in November and December. With social media playing an increasingly important role for retail brands, it’s time to start preparing your holiday marketing strategies if you have not already!


1. Get in the Holiday Spirit-

Change Social Media headers to include a festive feel. It’s good to remember not everyone celebrates the same holidays try to include them all or remember there are still secular ways to celebrate the season, take “Winter Wonderland” for example.

2. Don’t Drive Sales-

Focus on brand awareness, not sales messaging, when leveraging holidays or national observances. These days and months are opportunities to relate your company to trending topics and common events. Of course, Holiday-related sales are okay to promote, but try to broaden your message for the time of year.

3. Customizable buttons-

Customize labels depending on your website, you might want to consider changing up some of the labels to match the season. If you run an online store, you might want to replace “Buy Now” with a “Gift” or use “Santa’s List” for the wish list or your most popular products. Santa’s List even works for replacing the normal wording on your most popular posts. Many websites have fun with the theme and change their contact label into “Contact the Elves” or “Send a Message to Santa”. Get creative and use your imagination but do make sure it’s still clear what each particular label means.

4. Use festive hashtags-

Using popular festive related hashtags, or creating your own, can help get your content in front of shoppers that use Twitter or Instagram. Popular hashtags for Christmas include #wishlist #Christmas #christmasshopping especially in conjunction with the year eg. #wishlist2018

5. Festive landing pages-

If you are promoting special offers, gift ideas, wishlists or hampers on social media, it’s a good idea to direct your traffic to dedicated landing pages for customer segments.

You should customize the page to what you know about your customer, focusing on their needs and wants. Use targeted imagery and copy to help boost conversion rates. Dedicated landing pages also give you an opportunity to re-target visitors via social media or online ads.

Marketing To Gen Z

Marketing To Gen Z

Millenials blaming is being cast aside for blaming Gen Z. Gen Z is starting to enter the workforce, able to vote and dominating the market. They are controlling how businesses are handling everything from customer service, shipping methods, and advertising.

With some conflicting timelines of when the Millenial generation ends and Gen Z begins- Some reports say,  Millennials are people born between 1981 and 1996 according to Pew Research while Forbes reports that anyone born after 1995 is in Gen Z.

Since we have a slight overlap we have a few “cusp” babies falling in the 1995 and 1996 years. It is safe to assume these individuals can find themselves relating to a combination of the two groups problems, beliefs, and behaviors.


Gen-Zers are expected to account for about 40 percent of all consumers by 2020. You might be asking yourself, “How are they different from past generations” and “how do we reach them?”. To help answer these questions we came up with a compiled list of different traits and how to approach them here:


Make it Short and Snappy-

This generation grew up on 6-second vine videos and disappearing snapchats. Today, what is relevant is constantly being refined. Gen Z lives in a world of continuous updates. Thus, their attention spans might be significantly lower than Millennials. This does although give them the added benefit of being able to processes information faster than other generations.


Get it Right the First Time-

Post Millenials expect to get everything in the blink of an eye. Instant gratification. Gen Z is said to be more unforgiving when leaving customer reviews and are overall less tolerant than Millenials. They will choose conveniences over a brand and after one mishap-they are more likely to drop that brand for good. Because of this, customer service has to be at it’s best

“Instead, let’s market to Generation Z by providing quality customer success efforts and beautifully elegant customer experiences. – Andrew J. Herkert, M.A., TruScribe


Influencer Advertising-

Growing up in the digital and social age-these folks are annoyed of celebrities shoving brands and products in their face. Influencer marketing has grown from one of the hottest trends in social media to a proven marketing channel delivering real results for brands, especially with digitally savvy and socially connected Gen Z consumers. While traditional celebrities once had a monopoly on influence, “regular” people are now gaining influence online based on their unique voices, opinions, and perspectives. These are regular people who are self-made. They have curated an online persona by being “cool” and “unique” to grow a following.


Gen Z Cares About Social Responsibility-

90% of Gen Z’ers would buy products from a company who is addressing social and/or environmental issues. And, 94% of them believe that companies have a responsibility to address critical issues.Millennials helped elect a black president and legalize gay marriage; many generation Zers see these milestones as the norm,” That’s likely because many of the advances, like gay marriage, from previous decades, seem obvious to them so they are looking to see where they can go from the baseline.


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Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Facebook is the largest social media giant of our time. In 2017, it was reported that Facebook has at least 2.2 billion monthly active users and too, from all over the world, irrespective of age and gender.

To gain exposure for your brand, you need to work on Facebook advertising. However, be careful making the following mistakes:

  1. Your Content Matters

Say, your business is all about ladies undergarments. But, all your posts are about old people and male war veterans (TOTALLY IRRELEVANT)

What you need is focusing. Using marketing strategy, you need to attract ladies of all ages to your brand and that is only possible when you post something which appeals to them. Take use of humor and memes, because everyone loves to laugh. Make use of general knowledge facts and current trends of society to have an impactful marketing approach.

A good marketing strategy is 90% focused and about 10% innovation. (By innovation, we mean posts not related to your targeted niche).

  1. What Is Your Geolocation Position?

If you own a restaurant in North Carolina, there is no point selecting a Utah based location which is far off from your business. Facebook advertisement is not cheap. In the end, money is being spent and you need a solid output.

Even North Carolina is a large area to select. What you need is hybrid marketing. Go for neighborhoods of North Carolina and make some occasional posts of its neighboring states

  1. Neglecting the Power of Multimedia:

You know that humans are visual oriented creatures. They will see a thing first than read it. That means, all the long posts you are doing, they will not be responded as quickly as something graphical.

And even if you are using pictures and videos, make sure they have an impact on ordinary life. Most people create not mistakes but BLUNDERS, by sponsoring posts of low image quality with poor concept. This results in loss of money and poor conversion of potential clients into ROI (return on investment).

  1. Begging for Attention

You ever come across posts which are constantly saying ‘LIKE – COMMENT – SHARE’ Well! That is one of the ways through which you can quickly lose your fans.

Don’t beg for attention – be so good that they would be tempted to promote your pages. Take services of a professional content writer and a graphic designer to create engaging posts. Instead of asking people to ‘like and share’, why don’t you create marketing strategies about people tagging their partners and best friends?

  1. Using A Static Method for Advertisement

While there are many type of advertisement options, most newbies go for ‘newsfeed ads’. They are simple to create.

There are ad-options like ‘page like ads’ (This method is preferred for gaining more likes for your brand) and ‘canvas ads’ are used for mobile optimized animated ads which help promote your brand story.

Another type – ‘Dynamic Product Ads’ (ADA) help target users based upon their previous actions on your site.

Importance Of Web Design In Content Marketing

Importance Of Web Design In Content Marketing

A web design of a website can essentially “make or break” your business. Directly or indirectly, almost everything depends upon it.

Read the following article to know more about importance of web design in content marketing.

1. Cliché Is Cancer

A lot of websites try to copy web design of popular websites and post them as it is on their website. On the basic web design, they post their content, thinking it would make a difference and their brand will quickly reach the success.

The problem is that a lot of people are doing that and general public is just fed up. They want innovation – something new – something unique.

You can take inspiration from famous websites and then introduce your own innovation to grasp the minds of your potential customers.

2. Leaving Space Is Important

Your content is important. There’s no doubt about that. However, if you try to fill up all the space of your website, it will look more like a nerdy corner of academics.

A casual person visiting your website will think of your website as an amateur work. Professionalism demands leaving adequate spaces. Write content but short, to the point and meaningful so that it can have the maximum impact upon visitors.

3. User Interface Is Trump Card

That is absolutely correct. Before noticing content, the first thing any person visiting your website would notice is user interface.

If it is easy to use, good color scheme is involved and a person can easily navigate from page – page, a person will make a favorable review of your website in his sub-consciousness.

If your user interface is shabby in nature and too complicated to be used by laymen, it is not a good user interface and you need to work on your designing skills.

4. Color Strategies

Obviously content has to be written in some color. If you take care of “compare and contrast” effects, the result would be lovely. Audience will give more attention to your message. A good example is Facebook. White and Dark Blue makes most the most of web design color scheme.

5. Background Innovations

In 2018, many websites will focus upon background innovations. Shadow effects, use of large backgrounds playing a video or animations while content being loaded up on another partitioned screen are just some of brainstorming ideas, through which you can give a boost to your content marketing. You can also partition the large background into myriad screens and display your content on them.

6. Content Converted to Illustrations

A good idea to do something unique with your website is to convert your content into illustrations. In an age of today, no-one has simply enough time to read all the paragraphs. How about what you wrote in two lengthy pages, you can convey the same message in two informative illustrations?

If this is not possible, do include pictures and helpful animations side by side with content. A balanced website has all of these elements. These elements indicate the versatility of a website.