Top 7 Reasons For Entrepreneurs To Use WordPress

Top 7 Reasons For Entrepreneurs To Use WordPress

You are an entrepreneur who wants to take his business growth to next level. In a world of 21st century, you definitely need an exposure through social media and one of the best ways to get into the prestigious spotlight is by using WordPress

Following are the top reasons, as to why you should rely on WordPress.

1. Largest CMS Shares

While Joomla and Drupal have 7% and 5% shares respectively, WordPress dominates the market by 59% shares.

What started as a small blogging platform is now a fully-fledged central management system. That means, one click and you can modify the contents of your website.

2. A Myriad Sea of Professionally Designed Themes

As a businessman, you need to have a sleek professionally designed theme for your website. Neither a clichéd one, which is being overused inside the target industry nor too hippy, which makes it harder to understand between a professional and an amateur.

At WordPress, you have option to thousands of professionally designed themes, which are updated regularly. The good thing is that most of them are free.

3. No Need to Hire a Coder

You should be relieved to know that your expenses are to be saved, by not hiring up a coder. WordPress introduces plug-ins to manage all your complex issues.

No tedious coding – no headache of formulating the logic to write up the code. These handy plug-ins are user friendly and are designed to give the optimal experience to users.

4. A Huge Community

It is no secret that WordPress is being used by people all over the world. It has a very large community, which comprises of people who want to contribute towards the betterment of WordPress. You can contact the official WordPress support by clicking on the hyperlink.

5. Mobile Web Supported

In an age of smartphones, almost everyone opens websites on their mobiles. WordPress supports the mobile web platform.

It is recommended to pick those themes which are mobile friendly, so that your business website can get more exposure. This means that your customers won’t be challenged into opening desktop themes on their mobiles. They will get a customized version of desktop theme, which would automatically fit on the mobile screen.

One great thing about WordPress is that you can customize your website through your smartphone. All the website building tools are accessible through your mobiles. So if you worry that maybe, you’re a traveler who doesn’t get to be online through his laptop 24-7, well…Thanks to WordPress. Your website can be customized through your smartphone.

6. A Veteran Platform

It has been over 10 years since WordPress came into being. Overtime, it has transformed into a mature database which is designed to care for its users.

7. Open Source

Unlike other website builders, WordPress is an open source luxury. That gives you the option to design your website in any way you want. With no commercial limitations, the way you design your website are limitless. You don’t even need to be technological advanced, in order to use WordPress. Just have a creative mind and play with the website building tools.