5 Pieces of AI Software for Your WordPress Site

5 Pieces of AI Software for Your WordPress Site

More and more experts are now backing up the claims on the benefits of AI or artificial intelligence for their specific industries. But, did you know that aside from big businesses, even those who are running WordPress sites can now take advantage of AI? When you do so, you can establish audiences, offer intelligent pricing, interact with site visitors, and offer better malware and virus protection.

Below are the five AI software programs you can use for your WordPress website:

Watson Conversation

Watson Conversation is among the various AI services of IBM which allows users to incorporate AI technology into WordPress sites. This specific plugin allows even non-techie people to create and deploy a chatbot. Chatbots could be made to assist users in site navigation, suggest relevant pages or posts of interest, offer live 24/7 support for queries, and recommend certain items to users in a friendly way according to their online browsing behavior.


Wordlift makes use of natural language processing for optimizing the content of your website in various clever ways. This will first organize your content then markup the copy to increase its rank on search results. This will also provide readers with data and facts in a more meaningful context. If these are not enough to make you interested, Wordlift also has the ability of making your content more beautiful through offering effective data visualization, links, and images which absorb readers not just with text.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner can protect and scan your WordPress website and offer details on Trojans, malware, viruses, backdoors, shells, worms, and many other types of threats. The plugin will also alert you when Google or other authorities blacklists your site, which gives you the ability to conduct remedial action right away.

What makes this AI tech piece clever is that this can learn from identified threats and look for code evolutions, not only threats programmers were able identify, as well as written software that must be found and defended against.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration is among the most intelligent plugins when it comes to geo-targeting and pricing which combines WooCommerce and Darwin Pricing plugins. It works by analyzing real time market examinations with the use of optimized techniques which allows users to run their location targeting campaigns using smart prices. These geo-targeted and optimized promotions ensure that the pricing will be competitive in every city where your service or product is available.


MyCurator is another piece of AI software which lets you train the program for finding and delivering usable, optimized, and interesting content for the WordPress website. The plugin can work round the clock in the background to allow bloggers in locating articles which could be customized for the audience and does it fast.

Once the plugin learns, this can separate the irrelevant details presented in RSS notifications or Google alerts from the interesting and usable content. This easy to use voting system utilizes dislike and like buttons to assist MyCurator in learning quickly what belongs to your interest sphere. This plugin can set up your content automatically as well as browse online on your behalf while you are away.