Are Hashtags Dead?

Are Hashtags Dead?


Hashtags. When they first came out people were confused why the pound sign was entering their social channels. In technical terms a “hashtag”  is a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter and other microblogging services, allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content. Some people aren’t a huge fan and even find them annoying.  But did you know that posts with at least one Instagram hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag?


Hashtags first got their start on Twitter. Twitter, of course, was around 4 years before Instagram. On Twitter, they were used to track trending topics and follow along with popular conversation. We have seen a decline of hashtag use on Twitter, but they have become even more vital on Instagram for bloggers, influencers, and brands. Before you slap any hashtag onto the end of your caption- know the rules:


  • Keep them Focused and Relevant

Ask yourself, “What are we posting about and why”-this is a great way to help get you started. Instagram recently rolled out the ability to follow hashtags which means that instead of a user having to search for an Instagram hashtag and scroll through an endless feed, your posts could now show up automatically in the feeds of potential new followers.


  • Location, Location, Location

Placement matters with hashtags. First, be sure to post them after your body copy. It’s also a good idea to create some space between caption. A common practice is the three dots method (shown below)




This creates some separation to know when the caption ends and your tags begin.  Second, the order in which you place your hashtags makes a world of difference. Once you have a good amount of hashtags that you have decided on. You’ll now want to strategically choose which hashtags you want to list first. Most users aren’t likely to read through all of your hashtags, whether you’re choosing only 8 or to go for all 30. If there are hashtags that you want others to read make sure that you list them first.


  • Don’t Limit Yourself

Hashtags should be included but not limited to captions. They can be included in bios and when a user taps it they will be taken to that hashtag’s page to follow it, according to Hootsuite. For businesses with popular branded hashtags (more on that later), it’s a great way to foster engagement or collect user-generated content. They can also be used in comments and stories. Use the hashtag sticker to include branded hashtags in your Stories.


  • Do your Homework

You might have the perfect hashtag- it will reach your target audience and promotes your brand -but if it’s one of the most popular hashtags, chances are it will be lost on the shuffle. But don’t swear off popular hashtags entirely, Hootsuite says, “As long as they’re relevant to the post and used sparingly, popular hashtags can help expand your reach without making you seem desperate or spammy.”


  • Find it and Never Let it Go

While it’s important to switch up a few hashtags and keep them related to your posts, pick one or two hashtags that fit your brand and use them in every post. This way people can always know how to find you and even follow that specific tag. Taglines and slogans are great hashtags to use continuously.


  • Don’t Overdo it

Users tend to view paragraphs of hashtags as an eyesore. Most top brands 91% of them, to be exact, use seven or fewer hashtags per post. It’s easy to assume that’s the magic number for everyone, right? Krystal Gillespie, HubSpot’s Social Media Community Manager said that this isn’t always the case: Some accounts are more successful with hashtags ranging from the low teens 20s, and up to 30. A good rule of thumb is to keep the range from 7-30.



What You Should Learn From Your Competitors’ SEO

What You Should Learn From Your Competitors’ SEO

You can always learn from your enemies, or in this case, your competitors. When doing business, you can pick the right guidelines to improve your SEO from your opponent’s website.

How to do it? Well…don’t worry – the following website will help you out.

1. Content Marketing

You and your competitor, both are in the same business. Check out what type of marketing strategy is your competitor offering?

How good is his written content? Notice the link of images and content which is capturing the mind of audience.

Regularly visit his website to know how frequently he changes the content.

2. Internal Links

Find out how many internal links are available on your client’s website? Compare them per web page. Also, try to see his website’s ranking on Alexa and determine how much popular he is in your community.

3. Mobile Optimized Website

Determine if his website is mobile optimized? If yes, check out the loading speed of your competitor’s website. Is it fast? Is it medium? Or is it slow?

Find out major comparisons between desktop versions and mobile versions of website. Check out the navigational differences and user interface variation between both versions.

4. Determining The Keywords

Which words are more often repeated among your competitor’s content? Analyze those words and determine the extent of validation of those words, relating with your work.

Is an average customer liable to search these specific words on a search engine, in order to find your product?

Take help from tools like SEMRush. The tool will ask you to input a URL address and then provide you the keyword information of specific website.

Take opinions of different people. This will give you a wider business insight while selecting your own keywords.

5. Observing Their Social Media Accounts

Almost all business brands love to promote their professional service on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. See the nature of their posts and determine what age groups they are affecting with their marketing strategy.

Next, determine what age groups are largely affected by their promotion. Is it men, women, kids, teenage girl or senior citizens?

  • Try to find answers like what makes these age groups attract towards the brand?

  • How are your competitors following the trends?

  • How appropriate is the use of graphics to lure audience?

6. Analyzing Web Traffic

Take help from tools like Complete, comScore and HitWise. The results from these tools isn’t guaranteed to be 100% correct, but it will tell you a great deal about web traffic of your competitors.

If your competitors enjoy large concentrations of web traffic, turns out they are doing well with their website.

Winning – Our Two Cents

Surely it is always a challenge to defeat your competitors. You will need to view all the tips and tricks to increase the optimization of your website.

One thing, most business newbies do is to copy everything of their client. While you can take inspiration about site’s know-how, it is strongly recommended to come up with unique ideas.

Public always goes for innovation. Be sure to be a little different from the rest, providing the same services.

How To Ace Your PPC Budget In 2018?

How To Ace Your PPC Budget In 2018?

Pay Per Click (PPC) has become the latest advertising and marketing trend that rules the online marketing world in the recent times. In fact, it has been observed in 2017 that pay per click is a major concern for marketers and they have been investing a lot into this marketing tactic as well – to boost their overall business sales and leads. But how can marketers improve their PPC budget in the upcoming year? We are answering this major concern in this article ahead.

What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click is a latest marketing trend. The aim of this marketing tactic is to drive audiences and engage with potential traffic audience that later become customers. Pay per click ads work in a fairly unique yet amalgamated way too. The ads are run by marketers within the published content of authors/bloggers or any publishers on the web. Whenever a customer or online user clicks on word and is redirected towards the ads – the marketer has to pay the publisher. Hence, budgeting is crucial when it comes to PPC because in general pay per click is a very effective source of e-marketing for brands these days.

How To Improve The PPC Budget?

If you ae one of those concerned and overwhelmed marketers who worries about the investment that goes into the PPC annual budget – here are some helpful tips that will boost and improve your overall PPC budget.

Tip # 1 – Utilize What You Spend

The first thing that we would say you need to do to improve your altogether PPC budget is utilize the amount you spend or invest in your marketing. Marketers are often very concerned about how the entire PPC campaign will run for them in the upcoming year and keeping up with the evolving competition is crucial as well. Hence, marketers may end up investing a lot more than they would spend and hence it is ideal for you to make most of your spending’s and utilize them too.

Tip # 2 – Search Volume Trends and Invest Accordingly

Instead of planning out a yearly, monthly or daily basis budget – you should be planning your budget according to the search volume trends.

Tip # 3 – Make Sure The Budget Is Flexible

Whilst you might aim for certain things when you plan your budget beforehand, it is always advisable to keep the budget flexible. This is because PPC marketing should be based on what attracts the customers best and hence, the budget should always be kept flexible in order to make sure the profit margins remain considerable.

Tip # 4 – Aim for Traffic Conversions into Leads

Most of the times marketing is basically aimed to increase brand recognition and awareness. However, if you are planning to budget your PPC campaign wisely you would need to work on generating traffic that will later convert into leads for your web. This is only how you can maintain a balance with the outward and inward flow.

Rules for Dominating Online Search Results 

Rules for Dominating Online Search Results 

In the planet of internet marketing, there are certain topics that even give the Guru’s nightmares. SEO is one of them because nobody has the definitive explanation that which are the right rules are to dominate the online search result.

If you are searching for some excellent ways to dominate the online search result in the coming year, 2018 then follow some rules that can prove as a standout for you.
Assess the speed of your page and improve it according to necessity

Google Page Speed Insight is your best weapon here to determine the specific areas of your domain that need to get an improvement. With the process of increasing the page speed of your site, you will be able to improve the potential visibility. There are some tools that you can use the GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Varvy.

Areas to improve:

  • Diminish the response time of the server to requests
  • Reduce the JavaScript and render-blocking CSS over the fold of website
  • Enable some compressions such as GZip
  • Optimize images with the loss-less picture optimizers etc.

For your personalized domain Use the CDN and Use DNS to serve your web content quickly

Utilizing the CDN or the content-deliver network such as Amazon’s CloudFront is necessary here. This can be crucial for you to serve the content quickly to the users. CDN can spread your web content across different servers all over the world with mirroring the content and then serving that particular content from the visitor’s nearby server. Another way is to consider moving your DNS to CloudFlare or similar type of configuration.

Building content with good value

Creating excellent content is your best way to rule the online search result. Google has the ability to sniff out the good content every month with better content. Try to cover all the possible ways to make your content great and that will increase traffic to your website. Great content has the capability to engage more visitors. Bound your content with minimum words and make a healthy link to the profile for that. Make keyword base content and make it well versed. Instructional content and easy to read contents are most preferable.

Make it mobile responsive and usability athwart devices

Mobile and smartphones are most dependable today for searching different topic. Focus on the usability and mobile responsive factors.

Enhance the user experience

Creating an excellent user experience can be the best way for you. Make your website pretty much easy to use and easy to search or navigate for the users. Don’t add so many pop-ups and categorize the contents for easy use. Make the menu of the site user-friendly.

Supplement the website content with engaging audios and videos

Add more engaging content on your site like the audio, videos, graphics etc. You search engine concerned about the fact that how much time the visitors are spending on your site and podcasts, videos, audios can make your content more valuable that the visitors will find more interest.

Keyword diversity

Add the keyword based content with keyword diversity. LSI technology is the best option for you to dominate the online search result.
Leverage the social media platform for viral content also. There are also many ways of using content links, use trusted domains and so on.

Common WordPress Form Mistakes that are Hurting Your Conversions

Common WordPress Form Mistakes that are Hurting Your Conversions

WordPress websites are one of the best assets your business could ever have, especially when used with a well laid out plan. Contact forms play a crucial role when it comes to converting site viewers into potential leads. When used properly, these could increase the conversion rates of your website and boost your profits. But, make even the smallest mistake, and it could hurt your conversions more than what you think.

What are these common mistakes you have to avoid when it comes to making your contact forms?

Too Much or Too Little Queries

You have to avoid having a lot of queries, while too little of it may lead to some serious problems. It is never good to get incomplete information from someone who contacted you with a purpose. That is why you need to put the right columns for getting all the information you need. For the usual questions related to your blog or those that point mistakes in your content, you will need columns of email address and name of the person who gets in touch with you. You have to stick to the middle ground between fewer and excess queries. The optimum amount of queries can give you better contact forms.

Unsafe and Unsecure Contact Forms

You can never guarantee that form submissions are not going to be intercepted between the server and the browser. However, when the communication happens through HTTPS which calls for valid SSL certificates, risk is reduced to almost none. Even when your form doesn’t accept passwords or payments, the privacy of your customer is always important. The use of HTTPS respects this privacy while preventing your website from earning the label of being unsecure, something that doesn’t look good at all.

Not Mobile Friendly Contact Form

It is a must for your contact form to be mobile friendly. Now more than ever, a non-mobile friendly designer is no longer seen as acceptable by both search engine ranking algorithm and the users. It is a must to use a mobile-friendly form builder. Your development process must always include cross-browser testing with the use of special tools. It is never enough to just check on your personal phone or shrink the browser window.

No Turnaround Time for Response

The last but definitely the most common mistake when it comes to WordPress contact forms is something that almost everyone made in their lifetime. You have prepared a striking and stunning contact form which adheres to all the standards of a visually appealing contact form. But, there is one mistake that can hurt your conversion in the most hideous way, and it is none other than the deadline for the response. Since you are urging your viewers to raise their questions, it is only polite for you to tell them about the turnaround time for your reply or they will still continue to ask you the same question again and again, or worse, they might just leave your site for good. This is not something you would want to happen, and the best way to avoid it is by mentioning the deadline.


How to Make Your First Online Sale – GetnSocial

How to Make Your First Online Sale – GetnSocial

The most successful people online also started just like the rest of you. Many of them lack the knowledge they have now, and instead, they just had the willingness to persevere and learn along the way.

Once you have set up your brand new website, complete with on-point content and ready to go products, the waiting game will ensure as you hope to make your first online sale.

Your very first sale will be momentous, but know that obtaining it can also be tricky. Good thing that there are several simple ways on how you can make that first sale the easy way.

  1. Focus all your efforts and attention on doing whatever it is that you need to do in order to make your first online sale. Avoid worrying about your sale number 100 just yet. Instead, try doing the things you need to do right away and get yourself out of your starting blocks.
  2. Allot some time to talk to other people who are already part of the online marketing industry. However, you also need to be very selection as to who you would listen to. This means that you need to develop a bias where you will only listen to those people who are already making money online, especially those who are making more money. When you do this, it will help you develop the skills, mindset, and understanding necessary to make your first online.
  3. Determine your own game plan, and the things that you are doing at this moment in order to make money. You need to analyze your everyday activities online to check whether you are making any progress or not. Start by measuring things for you to get more things done. The sooner that you hit the critical mass, the sooner it will be for you to start getting some cash flowing towards your direction.
  4. Look for a role model or a mentor for your online marketing activity. It is ideal for you to go for someone who is already successfully. You can sign up for their newsletters, their emails, or watch their videos on YouTube to take inspiration from their strategies and techniques.
  5. Never, ever give up. If what you are doing right now is not producing any money or results, you can always go back to your drawing board, then start all over again. But, this time around, you have to do things more intelligently. This is basically like learning to drive a car. If other people can do this successfully, by all means, you can do it, too. The only thing you need to do is get your heard around all the possible concepts, learn any niceties, and sooner or later, you will be surprised that you have finally cracked the secret to make your first online sale.

While it can be a bit daunting to think about making your first ever online sale, these tips will surely help you kick start your journey. You can get in touch with our friendly team at GetnSocial, that help you realize your online business.