Premier Group International, An Investigative and Security Corporation came to us looking for a total brand overhaul. As the company began to restructure its internal workings it was becoming apparent that its external appearance was going to need a refresh as well. After an in-depth sit down with the client we determined that the best course of action was to begin with a rebrand, followed by a website revamp, and ending with an overhaul of social content.

This case study is meant to serve as an example of how our branding process works and how we work closely with our clients to create innovative and exciting digital user experiences on the web.

As with every rebrand, we begin with research. We talk with the client to learn about their customers and goals, then we combine that information with a customized intake form that allows our designers to have a solid feel for what the visual mark should be. As the branding process begins our graphic designers will sketch out some initial ideas and digitally refine them. While this may sound like a relatively quick process, to create a truly unique mark our designers spend time researching the client’s competition, looking at industry trends, ensure that the idea is original, and pulling colors that convey the client’s desired feel and reproduce consistently across the web, video, and print.

Once our designers have crafted three unique logos we’ll send over a walkthrough explaining why we made specific typographic, coloring, and design choices. As with every client, once we presented Premier Group International with their new logo choices we asked them to take some time to sit back and take in the new looks then come back to us with their favorite of the three. Once, they selected a look we had another conversation about where they thought the mark did and did not succeed. If there was anything that the client found below par we would make changes and represent keeping the loop going until both sides were completely satisfied with the finished mark.

Once the logo is approved we begin producing a custom branding guideline book. This book goes over all the do’s-and-dont’s including typography, logo placement, logo modification, color values and their uses, and overall guidelines on how, when, and where to appropriately use the logo including and all of its forms and assets. The brand guideline book serves as a rulebook to guide the company internally and externally over time as new content and physical pieces are created. These rules help guide us as we approach the second stage of Premier Group International’s rebrand; their website.

Just like the logo, the revamping of all website begins with a conversation to learn about their customers and goals, then we combine that information with a customized intake form that allows our designers to have a solid feel for what the final user experience should be. After we’ve established a clear internal path we’ll create a homepage and get your approval before moving onward. Once you love the look, we’ll create the rest of your website’s pages and push them to a live test website. We’ll send you a link so you can scroll through every page on any platform and make sure that everything meets your high standards. Once you give us the thumbs up, we’ll push your website live.

We worked with Premier Group International to identify their competitors and found a unique way to market their content and present their services in a simple format that allowed first-time visitors and repeat customers alike to easily navigate and get answers to their questions.

With your website is live it’s time to get people on it. We offer several SEO, marketing, AdWords, and pay-per-click campaigns that we combine with time-tested strategies to attain visible results every time. Once a site has been live for a


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