The Aftermaster Studios are located in the heart of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. A collection of recording studios run by the top audio engineers in the music industry, they have produced and remastered albums from the biggest names in music. From Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra, Madonna to John Lennon, and Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga. Their motto is “We know sound,” a fitting slogan for the award-winning producers and engineers who remix Billboard Chart topping hits.

While Aftermaster Studios’ reputation speaks for itself, they approached our Get’n Social team in need of assistance with promoting, marketing, and spreading the word about their new and improved audio remastering device: the Aftermaster Pro. This revolutionary audio device acts as a gateway between your television and an external source – such as a cable box, Apple TV, Roku, or gaming system – and significantly improves the clarity and quality of your TV’s audio. The minds at Aftermaster Studios developed a solution to the problem millions of people are suffering from – a problem they may not even be aware of. With the advancements in television technology, our screens have become thinner, and TV speakers have paid the price.

With the Aftermaster Pro, your television’s audio is greatly improved and remastered, making it louder, clearer, deeper, and fuller. By balancing out the audio levels, you no longer find yourself constantly adjusting your TV volume to hear the dialogue, and then turning it down when a commercial comes on. Background noises that would typically be swept under the rug and forgotten are clearer, while at the same time all dialogue is enhanced, so you’ll never miss a line.

The Aftermaster Pro is a new and improved version of Aftermaster Studios’ first model, Aftermaster TV. The Aftermaster Pro features updated and fine-tuned technology, as well as a new sleek, small, and beautiful design. However, it had been nearly two years since any action was taken on the Aftermaster social media sites. Engagement was down: people all but forgot that this technology existed. It was our job at Get’n Social to remind them.

We immediately went to work completely rebuilding their current website, giving them a fresh, modern new look with engaging video headers, scrolling features, and example videos that allowed visitors to actually hear the Aftermaster Pro difference. Our team created numerous social media posts to boost engagement and also advertise the Aftermaster Pro’s upcoming showings on HSN. Through our engaging social posts and strategies on Instagram, we increased their followers from 13.5k to 14.5k in just a few months. The Aftermaster Pro devices consistently sold out during their time slots on HSN. This audio empire was making their comeback.

One of the most important features of the Aftermaster Pro that we wanted to make sure we highlighted was the easiness and simplicity of the actual set up of the device. One of the biggest complaints the company received from customers in the past was that they simply didn’t know how to make it work. Since the Aftermaster Pro requires no installation, this seemingly complicated device is, in fact, one of the simplest additions to your home. To combat this issue, we decided to dedicate an entire page on the new website to this issue alone – how to set up the device and ensure that it’s working properly. With the use of follow along videos, featuring close-up footage of the process, this problem became a thing of the past.

While the experience of hearing the Aftermaster Pro device in action is as much credibility as it needs to convince buyers of its impact, the audio engineers behind the product wipe away any possible remaining doubts. Aftermaster Pro was created, developed, and engineered by the top names in the music industry – engineers and producers who are behind the most iconic albums of all time. On the About Us page of the website, viewers can read bios about each key player on the team, some of whom should look very familiar.


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