Joining the workforce means we no longer get a 2-4 week break for the holidays. For some, it’s hard not to be jealous of teachers and their much deserved time off. For others, the idea of a three-day holiday can seem overwhelming or cause them to stress out more.  With so many of us torn between juggling heavy workloads, managing relationships and family responsibilities, and squeezing in outside interests, it’s no surprise that more than one in four Americans describe themselves as “super stressed”.

To help you manage work away from the office we have a few tips to get you through:

Plan Ahead. Of course, effective prior planning can really help to remove some stress from your plate. And, the more tasks and duties you can get accomplished now, the less you’ll need to worry about when the holiday season is actually here. Let people know ahead of time when you plan on being out of the office.

It’s common practice to prepare an email autoresponder for when you are going to be away from work for a lengthy period of time. But in many cases that isn’t enough to give you – and those who may be wanting to reach you – peace of mind while you are gone.

If possible, schedule everything out. There are so many great programs and applications that can assist you. Need to get a post out next Tuesday at noon? Buffer or Hootsuite can help you plan months in advance.

Working 9 to 5 just isn’t what it used to be. While this rang true 30 years ago, there are not many people who work a 9 to 5 job any longer.  These jobs now bleed over into our personal lives. It’s important to remember, especially this time of the year, saying “no”, is okay. Make extra time for your family. Responding to a few emails in the morning is permitted, but anything beyond can and will have to wait.


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