You are satisfied with the look of your new website, and you are excited to launch it for the whole world to see. But, did you pay attention to small details which can make or break your website?

To avoid any regrets, there are several small but equally important things that you need to check to ensure that your website will attract the right customers and bring in the traffic and sales you dream of.

Your Copy Matters

It might sound obvious but a lot of great websites faced downfall because of weak copywriting. There are several things you have to consider when checking your content. It is a must to ensure that it is consistent, concise, assertive, and descriptive. Most importantly, see to it that your grammar and spelling are also on point.

Come Up with a Strong and Captivating About Us Page

Most customers usually visit the About Us page of websites, and this is also where you can connect better with customers through adding a personal touch to it. Sadly, this section is often overlooked as many don’t realize that this is a tool to inform first time customers, improve trust among existing customers, and enrich brand positioning. To do this, your About Us page should tell people who you really are, what inspired you to start the business, where the passion or idea for it started, and what mission statement you have.

Don’t Forget Your Custom Favicons

Favicons or favorite icons are those found beside the page title on browser tabs. While these appear to be a small detail, these are actually very important as part of your finishing touches to your website. There are several main reasons why this is a considered a key feature. First, this improves customer experience. This can also build brand awareness and give your site a professional edge while making it look more unique.

SSL Encryption is a Must

Just like your About Us page, you must also not take for granted the essence of an SSL Encryption on your site. Standard Socket Layer or SSL is ensures that the information which passes between the browser and server will stay private. This is a very important feature for every website, particularly online shops that handle sensitive details such as phone numbers, address, and credit card information. Google will also penalize your website in search results if your site has not been marked Secure with SSL. Checking that your website is SSL-enabled gives your customers ultimate peace of mind, particularly when you make purchases while keeping Google happy.

Add Internal Links

The last but definitely not the least, you have to make your site watertight through adding internal links all over. The internal links are essential for your site many reasons. These internal links connect your site’s different pages together to ensure a cohesive experience for customers. Internal links can also help Google crawl your site faster.

These are the five important details that might be small but very important for the success of your website.


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