15 Quick Ways to Increase Website’s Conversion Rate : GetnSocial

15 Quick Ways to Increase Website’s Conversion Rate : GetnSocial

You need to convert traffic that visits your website. If you are not doing this, you will be wasting a lot of money and time. Here are some tips to increase your website conversion rate:

1.Include fewer fields

You need to use less fields in your opt in forms. The more you make the process easier for your visitor to sign up, the more will be the conversions.

2.No Questions Asked Refund Policy

Always add a refund policy so that buyers feel safe while purchasing. You need to gain trust and guarantees can help increase sales.

3. Use Power Words

Use words that compel people to take action. Amazing, Excellent, Now, Get, Powerful etc. are all power words that make your content stand out.

4. Testimonials gives trust

People want surety that if they are spending their money on something, it is proven and tested. Testimonials are a great way to give people a sense of satisfaction before purchase.

5. Headlines that Pop

It is the most important things of your entire exercise. You need to be very creative and compelling with your words in your headlines.

6. State value to Consumer

If you are going to sell a product, stating its benefits is not just enough. You need to tell the visitor how your product is going to add value to them.

7. Use Video

The more engaging content will cause the video to be more powerful. Video of yourself or your previous customers is a surefire way to engage visitor interest.

8. Include social proof

If you have a social following or a big subscriber list, showcase it on your landing page. They help reduce risk and give authority to your website.


You need to be very creative and strategic with your call-to-actions (CTA). These are the gateway to your conversion so they need to be at the right place and should appear at the right time.

10. Keep it simple

Being salesy is so 1990s. People are tired to sales pitch so keep your writing clear, concise and precise, so you don’t lose your customers attention.

11. Storytelling for Success

Make your visitors excited by taking them through your sales funnel in a storytelling manner. This will make them eager and curious about what you are offering.

12. Multiple Payment Solutions

You need to cater to every type of user  to increase website conversion rate.You should integrate various payment options on your landing page. Not everyone uses Paypal.

13. A/B Test your page

You need to run your page through various A/B test for color, taglines, paragraph copy, images etc. to increase chances of conversion after launch. This preemptive testing is a great way to increase your chances of success.

14. Live Chat

People love to chat. Give them a quick way to get in touch with you.

15. Move your site visitors

You should provide directional cues to move your website visitors to most important aspects of your page. e.g. give the same color to benefits driven words with “call to action” button. People will then subconsciously attach the two things together. This will make your content more conversion focused and ultimately increase your website conversion rate.

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