8 Tips to Boost Facebook Page Engagement : GetnSocial

8 Tips to Boost Facebook Page Engagement : GetnSocial

If you’re wondering how to boost Facebook page engagement, you need to make small changes in how you post the content. Here are some tips to boost engagement metrics on your Facebook page.

1. Ask a Question:

If you are going to post updates then why not just post a question? People want their opinion heard. Asking a question is like inviting response from people that want to give their opinion. So leveraging their interest by providing them with a question is likely to attract your fan base.

2. Posting Time:

Facebook provides you with a lot of metrics. Their metrics are treasure trove of data about your audience. Take some time while you are managing your Facebook page and analyze it. You will find informative insights regarding audience activity. Some people may use Facebook early. Make note of the optimal time to post when your followers are most active.

3. Share Interesting Images:

It’s no secret that a picture is worth thousands of words. Images capture people attention more quickly than plain text. Using good quality and informative images is likely to increase the engagement. BuzzSumo data points out that image based posts perform two times better than simple text based posts

4. Reuse Best Performing Posts:

It’s again a Facebook insights trick. Make use of that data and check which of your previous posts are performed better than others. Use that content again and give it a facelift by tweaking it. Make sure that the content you are recycling is evergreen.

5. Posts on Trending Topics:

Use the power of trending topics to make your posts perform better. Use Google trends and twitter to know what is trending. People love to hear, see and talk about the buzz in town. So provide something valuable on the trending news or topic.

Keep up with your local events and news if your target audience is local. Use the relevant hash tags to increase organic reach of your post.

6. Include Call to Action:

You can boost facebook page engagement by encouraging it. Including a call to action in your posts is asking people to take action. It is an invitation to be part of post. E.g. prompting a comment, share or RSVP etc. all of these have effect on your engagement.

7. Post Frequency:

Posting less number of times does help you establish relevancy with Facebook algorithm. On the other hand, posting too much doesn’t do any good either because you will be lowering down the quality of content and ultimately your page overall performance will go down. This is not a good signal to the Facebook ecosystem that tries to show people things that its thinks matters to people the most.

8. Make People Happy:

It is not a bad thing to post something silly or fun just to give people something to laugh about. People don’t want to see same type of content every day. They will get amused if you can make them happy. Give your Facebook page a personality. Keep your audience interest in mind while you are experimenting with humor.

Have you tried any of the above tips to boost Facebook page engagement? Let us know in the comment section below…

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